Hermione Danger is now Sex and Silks!

Welcome readers, old and new, to Sex and Silks, the revamped home of the sex and kink blogger formerly known as Hermione Danger. As is my unfortunate habit, it’s been a few months since my last post, and that intervening time has been…well, it’s been a lot. Of course there’s the whole global pandemic wreaking havoc, and as I type this, mass demonstrations are happening around the country to protest another wave of murders of black folks by police. (Please donate to your local Black Lives Matter organizations and/or community bail funds!)

In sex blogging more specifically, there’s been some super transphobic nonsense happening recently, in which trans bloggers came under attack for speaking out against bigoted posts, tweets, and contest submissions. I am not here to speak for them, but I am here to unequivocally voice my support for trans folks in our community and elsewhere.

That is a major part of my decision behind this name change, as a matter of fact. It’s well-known by now that JK Rowling is a massive TERF, and I could no longer stand by and write under a persona related to her, however tangentially. There is more to come from me on this specific issue in a later post, but I’ve been mulling over a shift in online identity for quite some time; I just hadn’t found the right inspiration, until now.

Which brings me to the other component of this change: aerial silks, which I’ve written about on this blog previously. My love for it has only grown since, and though my studio has been closed since mid-March, I am even more passionate about it now than ever. (I even have my own personal home rig now, thanks in large part to my incredible partner!) It’s become an essential part of my life, both online and off, and I look forward to integrating it more into my writing and photos here.

So goodbye Hermione Danger, hello Sex and Silks! Kindly bear with me in the coming days as I tweak the site, change over old links, etc. My actual blogging content won’t be changing all that much, but I feel this is now more representative of who I am and what I’m about.