New(ish) year, new name, same me

Well, it’s 2022. How? I don’t know. Time is meaningless, etc. And when I first began composing this post in my head, 2022 was actually brand new. Now, it’s nearly mid-April. How very on-brand of me.

And speaking of on-brand, I’ve changed the name of this blog again, as you’ve undoubtedly noticed.

As many people tend to do around the turn of the new year, I found myself to be a bit introspective as December 2021 came to a close. Reflecting on my year, the things I’d accomplished (leaving a job that was making me miserable and beginning a new, much better one), the things that changed (falling even deeper in love with aerial arts but losing one of my studios), that things that didn’t (still with my amazing partner, but also still in a damn pandemic). I realized then that my online “persona” needed another tweak.

Rebranding from Hermione Danger to Sex and Silks back in May 2020 wasn’t exactly an impulse decision, but it was one that was made relatively quickly. I had already been distancing myself from HP content for some time, but as JKR’s vile bigotry continued to escalate, I reached a point where I could no longer stomach having my online space be even tangentially related to her. (In the intervening two years, she has only become more and more hateful, so I do not regret this choice in the slightest. Fuck you Joanne, you horrible ghoul.) So I came up with the Sex and Silks moniker, combining my sex and kink writing with my newfound passion for aerial silks and fondness for alliteration.

But nearly two years later, still in a deadly pandemic, and I began to feel like I needed to yet again broaden the scope of what I cover here. It’s not that sex and kink aren’t still deeply important to me, because they are and I will continue to think and write about them. But my life has changed so much over the past couple of years that Sex and Silks began to feel limiting – for one thing, silks isn’t my only aerial discipline anymore!

So here I am, The Aerial Feminist. Always evolving, always growing, always a bit of a mess.

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